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Turkish Reality Estates can guide you through the procedures needed to buy property in all areas including Dalaman, Dalyan, Gocek, Fethiye, Bodrum, Kalkan, Antalya, Ankara, Turkey. From finding your property, taking you to the land registry to receiving your title deed (Turkish: Tapu), the legal document to show that you own the property.
We can make sure that the land or property you buy is within the legal boundary required for foreigners in Turkey. Do not get caught out. Cheapest is not always the best!

Freehold property or land may be purchased by most foreign nationals, from a Turkish national or another foreigner.
After choosing the property and agreeing the price with the owner

A contract will be drawn up and signed
A deposit of 10% will be paid by the buyer
2,000 YTL (about £ 715) is to be paid to the local Council (Belediye). This money covers the costs of property development plan on the map of this area. This money has to be paid before applying to the land registry office for the necessary Military clearance for you to purchase.
Permission to purchase must be obtained from the Turkish Military Authorities in Izmir via the local land registry office(tapu), we do this on your behalf
Our commission is 3% of the purchase price to be paid when the deposit payment is made
There will be purchase tax, mandatory State earthquake insurance at the time of exchange
Legal fees including a translator and Notary costs are usually paid by the purchaser

If you can give “power of attorney” from public notary office to one on of our staff, we can do all process, register the property to your name and can do all legal procedures and follow ups on your behalf.
We will provide the best service throughout your property purchase proceeding and one of our staff will accompany you for necessary assistance and translation when needed.
After you have purchased the property we will also accompany you to the various department offices to get the utilities changed to your name. Such as;
Registry with the municipality (You won’t pay land tax for the first year)
Registry for water and electricity and official subscriptions
Register telephone/internet connection to your property
Preparations of all kinds of contracts about properties

If you wish to have more information please feel free to contact: Mr Yalchin Nadiroglu at our Dalaman Turkish Reality Estates Office. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
WhatsApp - 0090 505 834 92 51
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